About Us

our mission

We are a movement hub that serves as a nexus of positive energy and solidarity, supports emergent efforts by grassroots groups, and hosts welcoming community building activities. We are an accessible cultural space and creative joining space moving towards collective action and transformation.

People’s Solidarity Hub prioritizes partnerships with low-budget or no-budget projects or organizations that have shared values and seek to advance the Movement by building leadership and power among those most impacted by oppression and repression.

our vision

People’s Solidarity Hub is a central hub for activists and organizers to build collective power, enhance strategy and tactics, dismantle oppressive systems and build new paradigms. PSH is a space in which creativity, vision casting, and relationship building are prioritized – challenging a system that prioritizes productivity over people and uplifting a grassroots and person centered culture. It is a place where we let go, let people be, play and strategize.


People’s Solidarity Hub is a convener.  When PSH calls for political action or rallies, we never do so on our own. We always reach out to build actions with existing grassroots organizations who have been working on the ground on the issues that we seek to mobilize.  We respect all work for liberation and justice.  At the same time we are not about ego – we put the movement first above any individual, personality or organization.  We welcome and encourage all Freedom Fighters and are committed to struggling with each other so that we can better serve and build a movement that leaves no one behind.  We believe in the power of working people to come together to build solidarity and create real change.