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Booking the Space: PSH makes space available to individuals and organizations to use through an affordable sliding scale. If you’d like to host a one-time event or run a workshop series or set of offerings, fill out the request in our Skedda booking app, and we’ll be in touch!

Thank you so much for choosing the People’s Solidarity Hub as the space for your movement and organizing needs! Please note that the People’s Solidarity Hub will be increasing the lowest per hour rate to reserve the space from $5/hour to $10/hour starting July 1st. Our priority is to keep the PSH as an affordable and accessible option for grassroots organizations. Increasing our lowest scale per hour fee will support us in meeting the costs of maintaining and coordinating the space. We appreciate your understanding!


We offer an accessible SLIDING SCALE RATE OF $10-150 per hour (changing to $10-150/hour on July 1st!) 

  • Lowest Rate : groups, orgs, and individuals that have zero to low operating budget and/or the event is free and open to the public
  • Low Rate: Groups, orgs, individuals that have a small operating budget of up to $90,000 year and/or are charging a fee for the event 
  • Mid-Range: Groups, orgs, individuals with a grassroots-moderate budget of $90,000 – 200,000
  • High: Groups, orgs with bigger budgets of 200k+ , private events, fee based events, or  individuals with wealth

Suggested Booking Fee, per hour for entire space:

Lowest Rate: $10
Low Rate: $15 – 35
Mid-Range: 35 – 70
High: 70 – 150

When you book PSH space in our Skedda booking app, you will be able to share the amount that you would like to pay based on your organizational budget, or access to wealth and privilege. We will then get back with you to confirm before sending you an invoice, that you can pay via 

If you are an individual and are having trouble finding where on this scale you’re able to pay- we recommend looking at Catalyst Project’s Class Characteristics to gauge. In addition, please consider your life circumstances like: any chronic health needs you have, how many people your income is supporting, any outstanding debt you have, and if you have direct access to financial resources through individuals, groups or networks you’re connected with. We strongly encourage people who are middle, managerial or owning class to pay as high on the scale as you’re able in order to support poor and working class leaders’ ability to use the space at little or no cost. 

If you’re still having trouble assessing where you fall on the sliding scale, please reach out to for support. 


  • Please be sure to request your booking at least 72 hours in advance of your event.
  • Booking requests are processed Monday – Thursday 10AM-12PM. We will try to confirm or deny all requests within 72 hours of booking when booked Monday – Thursday. We do not respond to booking requests over the weekend.
  • Please include the full time needed for setting up/setting down in your booking request.
  • You will receive an email either confirming or denying your booking request.
  • If you want to know availability, visit our Skedda app: You can see everything that is booked or on hold in real-time.
  • Once your booking is confirmed, we will schedule a time with you to meet with our on-site Hubs Team to get your key code access and be oriented to the space.
  • In light of a cancellation, please give at least 72 hours notice. PSH will charge for bookings cancelled with less than 72 hours notice and will apply the amount to a future booking
  • Series Bookings: For up to 8 weeks, you can book 1x/week gathering, with an 8 week break in between series. For up 6 months, you book do bi-weekly gatherings with a 3 month break in between each series. PSH has designated partner/anchor orgs whom these policies do not apply
  • Fee Based Bookings: Please factor space usage into the budget for your fundraising or fee-based event; when making your PSH reservation, please propose a rate on the solidarity scale that is in the mid range or higher. 

NOTE WHEN BOOKING ON SKEDDA: When booking, Skedda will automatically calculate a total. Your card will not be charged this amount as a fee or as a hold. Please be sure to include the exact amount you’d like to contribute on the solidarity scale for the entire time you are in the hub; once we confirm your booking, we will only charge your card the self-selected amount after the cancellation window closes.

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