Support a People-Powered Community Space in Durham - the People's Solidarity Hub!
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Through PSH, organizations and people are able to borrow assets like sound systems for social actions, facilitate mutual aid efforts, access political education and grassroots organizing trainings, hone resiliency practices, and host meetings and participatory programming. 

All in for Giving Tuesday – Help us reach our Bold Sustainer Goal!

For Giving Tuesday this year, we have the bold goal of raising 3k a month through monthly sustainers!

We are averaging 25 users in the space a month (sometimes 2-3 users in one day!) It takes a lot of resources to sustain that action.

We use a solidarity sliding scale to keep PSH accessible at as low as $5 an hour. However, with operating costs being $140 an hour, we rely on support from donors and grant funding. In addition, borrowing from the PSH Lending Library is completely free. This doesn’t take into account wear and tear, labor, and the need to replace equipment. Your support keeps our space accessible, doors open & grassroots orgs continuing to crush it at the hub. Thanks for lifting up liberation in our lifetimes!

why now?

This moment is presenting historic challenges that we must face in solidarity.

Crises are also opportunities to activate the power and possibility in our region that we struggle to transform.

Our collective response is the People’s Solidarity Hub: a welcoming space that uplifts and resources our movements through physical joining space and mutual aid offerings. 

In the midst of rising imperialism, genocide, and white supremacy along with an ongoing health and economic crisis – PSH makes critical contributions to advance our work to organize the South and fight for the world we all deserve.

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