People’s Solidarity Hub Space Use Policies

CLEANING & RESPECT OF SPACE: All groups  who use the space are responsible for leaving the building clean when they leave. This includes returning all furniture and items to where they were found, cleaning all surfaces, cleaning and putting away all dishes you used, taking anything that was brought to the space back out with you (leaving nothing behind), turning off all electronics and lights, shutting all doors, disposing of trash in the outdoor dumpster, and setting the exit alarm. 

BUILDING ACCESS & SECURITY: The contact person (the person who books on for groups will be given the combination for the keybox to the building as well as a code to disarm and arm the alarm. These combinations will be changed after each use. The codes must be kept confidential by the contact person and not shared with a larger group of attendees.

Once inside, the contact person can unlock the door of the main building for access by group members. That contact person is responsible for locking the doors and setting the alarm before leaving. 

COVID: Each event requires one person to be a COVID monitor to collect contact tracing information, ensure high touch surfaces are sanitized, and to prevent overcrowding. We ask that folks regularly wash their hands when entering and in the space. Masks are required indoors and are supplied if you need any. Please do not come to the space if you are not feeling well or have been in direct contact with someone exhibiting COVID symptoms within 10 days. There are three different air purifiers within the space that space users can use throughout their event. 

INSURANCE:  Space users agree to hold People’s Solidarity Hub harmless in the event that the People’s Solidarity Hub is sued for harm caused by the event. People’s Solidarity Hub does not accept liability for any injuries that occur in connection with the activity while using our facilities. 

DAMAGES: If damage to the People’s Solidarity Hub property occurs as a direct or indirect result of your event, the person who booked the space will be responsible for any repair costs incurred. Repairs will be done by contractors chosen by the People’s Solidarity Hub. Such repairs may include services such as glass replacement, floor refinishing, painting, plumbing, replacement of electrical fixtures, or appliance repair.


Large Meeting Space X (wall to left of kitchen service window)
Kitchen  X (next to stove)
ADA Front Bathroom X
ADA Back Bathroom  X
Small Meeting Room 
Hallway  X


PARKING: Parking is available behind the People’s Solidarity Hub Building and to the left of the People’s Solidarity Hub Building in front of 1803 Chapel HIll Road. There is an ADA parking spot directly in front of the building for easeful access. 

USAGE & FEES: Payment for the space is due at least 3 days before the event.

DRUG & ALCOHOL USE: There can be no drugs or alcohol in the People’s Solidarity Hub space. 

NOISE: Please respect our neighbors by keeping noise levels at a reasonable volume for the time of day. During the day, light outdoor activities and music is permitted. After 10PM, please keep all noise indoors and at a low level, that will not disturb our neighbors.

COMMUNITY SAFETY:  In the event of a medical emergency, please call 911 and ask specifically for an EMT to be dispatched. In the case of an emergency situation where de-escalation is needed, we ask that you do not call the police. Please consider de-escalating and neutralizing the situation with the people around you first, and also please contact someone from our NC hubs team, numbers listed below. 

Emergency Contacts:

Name Number Role
Jeff See 727.600.7482 Event Support, Operations
Charla Rios 336 953 5872 Solidarity Hubs Advisory Council Member, Member of Ready The Ground 
Jen Skees 859-229-4533 Event Support, Solidarity Hubs Coordinator – Please text if in need of support 
LeiLani Dowell 917.701.7593 Please text me in an emergency
Wesley Morris  9195232243 Please text me to identify who you are and we can then talk by phone to find solutions!


SPACE & MAXIMUM OCCUPANCIES: People’s Solidarity Hub has a maximum capacity of 50 people. All users of the space cannot exceed 50 people indoors at their event at any given time.


I, X_______________________________, attest that I have read and understood the People’s Solidarity Hub Use policies. I agree that the People’s Solidarity Hub will be used in accordance with the Building Use Policies. 

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